adadmin - R12 options

Adadmin is a Application maintainance utility.
Following options are available with this utility and This is how it is used.


adadmin Non-Interactive mode

localworkers = Used in Distributed AD. The number of workers to
run on the local machine.
flags = Generic flags passed to AD utilities. The available
values for Adadmin are hidepw and trace.
defaultsfile = The defaults file name that is located under
$APPL_TOP/admin/SID/ directory.
menu_option = Skips the menu in Adadmin and executes the task
provided on the command line.

Valid values for the menu options are listed below. Following Tasks can be achieved with adadmin.

RELINK Relink Applications programs
GEN_MESSAGES Generate message files
GEN_FORMS Generate form files
GEN_REPORTS Generate reports files
GEN_JARS Generate product JAR files
VALIDATE_APPS Validate APPS schema
CMP_INVALID Compile APPS schema
CMP_MENU Compile menu information
CREATE_GRANTS Recreate grants and synonyms for APPS schema
CMP_FLEXFIELDS Compile flexfield data in AOL tables
MAINTAIN_MLS Maintain multi-lingual tables
RELOAD_JARS Reload JAR files to database
COPY_FILES Copy files to destinations
CHECK_FILES Check for missing files
LIST_SNAPSHOTS List snapshots
UPDATE_CURRENT_VIEW Update current view snapshot
CREATE_SNAPSHOT Create named snapshot
EXPORT_SNAPSHOT Export snapshot to file
IMPORT_SNAPSHOT Import snapshot from file
DELETE_SNAPSHOT Delete named snapshot(s)
CONVERT_CHARSET Convert character set
SCAN_APPLTOP Scan the APPLTOP for exceptions
SCAN_CUSTOM_DIR Scan a CUSTOM directory for exceptions
ENABLE_MAINT_MODE Enable Maintenance Mode
DISABLE_MAINT_MODE Disable Maintenance Mode

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