List of Third party softwares for Oracle applications. (third party bolt-ons to Apps)

I have compiled a list of commonly use (Obviously -not all) 3rd party softwares with Oracle applications. These products extend the capabilities of Oracle applications. as an Oracle Apps DBA you may need to work with these software vendors and Sometime you may also need to configure these softwares with Oracle applications. Fortunately i have worked on all of these in the past.

1. AventX

The AventX Oracle Connector (hereafter referred to as AventX Connector) provides the capability to deliver reports via fax, email or printer. AventX Connector processes documents from Oracle E-business suite (hereafter referred to as Oracle Applications or OA) and submits them to the document delivery system for delivery

AventX Connector uses a set of tables in the Oracle database to store site-specific configuration options and document delivery information. In addition, AventX Connector requires the compilation, installation, and registration of customized forms and library files.

2. Loftware

Loftware Oracle Connector
The Loftware Oracle Connector (LOC) is used to extend the functionality of Oracle Applications to print bar code labels and program RFID tags on a large scale across the enterprise. Base Oracle functionality is extended with advanced filtering and error recovery technology. The LOC was specifically designed for the Oracle WMS and Oracle MSCA applications, but works with any application that can call a PL/SQL procedure. This guide
documents the LOC. The Loftware Connector is Java-based software that establishes a high-speed ‘connectivity bridge’ between UNIX-based enterprise applications and the Loftware Print Server (LPS). The combination of the Loftware Connector and LPS enables enterprise applications to generate labels across large networks of thermal-transfer printers and empowers companies to easily comply with current and future labeling and RFID specifications on a massive scale.


Corporations using Oracle Receivables 11i and Oracle Order Management 11i can integratewith the Sabrix solution to benefit from fast and accurate sales, use, and value-addedtax resultsalong with a complete audit and compliance database from which both standard and customreports as well as returns can be generated

Sabrix, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise transaction tax software and world class US and international tax research that enables Global 2000 companies to improve cash management and profitability through the centralized management of global transaction taxes. Sabrix is the leading provider of enterprise software, integrated with global tax research, which automates all U.S. Sales and Use and International Value Added Taxes for over 125 countries.

The SabrixConnection for Oracle Sales integrates with the tax interface that is available inOracle Order Management and Oracle Receivables.When these modules encounter a businessprocess that requires a call to an external tax engine, the SabrixConnection is calledand initiatesthe communication through a simple HTTP call to the Sabrix connection server Java componentrunning on the application server.

4. APEX: 170 system ,Markview applications (MarkView Financial Suite (formerly 170 MarkView from 170 Systems))

The MarkView Financial Suite (formerly 170 MarkView from 170 Systems) automates financial processes to ensure consistent, efficient, cost-effective, and timely processing of all transactions. Leveraging imaging, best-practice workflows, electronic receipt and delivery of transactions, and unparalleled ERP system integration,

170 MarkView for Accounts Payable integrates with and extends the capabilities of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Payables. 170 MarkView allows businesses to automate the capture and entry of invoices into Oracle Payables—reducing, avoiding, or eliminating the manual steps often associated with data entry processes in accounts payable (AP). In addition, the integration of 170 MarkView with Oracle E-Business Suite allows customers to view the original image of the vendor invoice associated with an invoice record in Oracle Payables at any point in the future, supporting audit activities and regulatory compliance goals.

Solution available for:

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Asset Management
Expense Management
General Ledger
Human Resources
Project Re-Billing
AP Advisor

5. Applimation
Applimation delivers world class solutions to manage the impact of data growth of enterprise applications. Since 1998, Applimation has helped hundreds of customers worldwide achieve their lifecycle data management goals.
In February, 2009, Informatica acquired Applimation, the market leader in application information lifecycle management (ILM). This acquisition expands the Informatica Platform with a family of products that help IT organizations manage various phases of their application data lifecycle—from development and testing to archiving and retirement.

Applimation's Informia Online Archive solution takes the complexity out of data growth management by providing an automated archive and purge solution. The Informia Online Archive solution reduces transaction volume for intensively used moduels thereby ensuring that inactive data does not interfere with the day to day use of current data. Reduced data volume in the production database enables faster backups, smaller clones and less outage times during patching and upgrading cycles.

Enables rapid integration of Maximo Asset Management with the Oracle E-Business Suite.
Enables rapid integration of Maximo Asset Mgmt with the Oracle E-Business Suite, supports real-time information exchange between them.
Provides ready-to-run integrations between Maximo and modules in Oracle E-Business Suite that are typically integrated with Maximo such as General Ledger, Purchasing, Inventory, Human Resources and Projects.

7. ILM

Informatica’s application information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions help IT organizations cost-effectively manage data growth throughout the complete lifecycle of application data—from development, test, production, and archive to retirement.

8. Vertex

Vertex ( is an Oracle Partner and a System Integrator for several Oracle products - Siebel CRM, OBIEE, and Oracle Demantra. Among the services we provide in this space are: 1. Implementation and support 2. Upgrade of systems (Siebel 6, Siebel 7.x to Siebel 8.x) 3. Test automation services for Siebel systems 4. Application level monitoring of Siebel and other business critical applications 5. Consultation for architecture, configuration and integration
Vertex Sales Tax Q Series:Automates Address Validation Functionality when entering customers into Oracle Applications. Simply enter a zip code and the state, county and city information will be automatically populated on the screen

9.AppWorx :AppWorx Oracle Applications Extension

The UC4 Workload Automation Suite automates the Oracle E-Business Suite—saving time, decreasing errors, and eliminating custom coding. The end result is faster, more accurate and more flexible business processing. To get the most from their investment, corporations are looking to automate recurring business processes and optimize application processing.



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