First Step : Oracle DBA

First Step towards Oracle DBA:

My thoughts: I think a learner DBA should not jump on the Oracle database,sql,plsql to start with.

It will be really nice to understand the basics of RDBMS: (May be learnig in parallel, But donot avoid Learning database design concpets)

To learn DBA from very basics you must understand the database design.

Learn RDBMS concepts.
Learn Normalization
Relations Between Tables
Best Practices in Database Design
Try to Create Few tables based on some data,

Normalization is an important step in database design, as it minimizes the redundancy in information. If required level of Normalization is not achieved , It will not be a good database design. If redundancy is not eliminated then more space is required to store the data. Which is not a good database design.

You can google normalization and you will get lot of pages so i am not describing here. You can read from the website

The key here is that you should know how databases are designed. What are the very basic components of the database.

It is Worth to learn very basics of database design.
You will see lot of information on Oracle website. Please follow the link below.

This is helpfule for the DBAs supporting the Development work where application/development team design the application and database from scratch..
You may need this in your DBA life. As this will help you in understanding the database/tables desgin and you may need to use your knowledge to create/apply the datafix.

Hope this helps.

Please feel free to write if you need additional information on database design.

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