How to become Oracle Apps DBA - Part1

Step1 :In Real world, Oracle DBA with Expert Level are the qualified members to be Oracle apps dba.  Good Level of Core DBA knowledge required.
Step2:As soon as possible , Try to see the Oracle applications front end screen. This may boost you to learn ASAP. Try some navigation (Like Users,Responsibilities)
Step3:Get the software from
You may need at least 30-35GB space to create the stage area (Oracle application Software) , I think the largest software in the world with largest size of installation files. Depending on the speed of internet it may take between 1-10 days to download the software (Yes !!!!)
and you need approx 100 GB to Install Software.  Small configuration laptops/Desktops cannot handle Oracle applications.
Step4:Install Oracle Applications

Follow Step by Step
You can refer the earlier post on Oracle apps R12 install.
Step5:Once Oracle applications is installed,
Login to front end  (Navigate to Applications,Login,Responsibilities)

Be familiar with the file system (I will explain in detail in my later posts)
Step 6: So far, you will get a feel of Oracle applications , How it looks and you know the installation now.

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