How to become Oracle Apps DBA - Part3

My suggestion: To start with , Read more and more about Oracle application architecture and Oracle applications Utilities.

1. How to learn Oracle applications Architecture : 

Oracle Applications Architecture diagram.   Image from Oracle Applications Concepts Release 12  Part No. B31450-04

This is the very basic explanation of Oracle applications Architecture.   It explains Multi Tiered computing supports Oracle applications Product.

1. Desktop Tier :   The client interface is provided through HTML for HTML-based applications, and via a  Java applet in a Web browser for the traditional Forms-based applications.

2. Application Tier :     In General this is the actual host for Oracle Applications . Three servers or service groups comprise the basic application tier for Oracle Applications:
Web services : The Web services component of Oracle Application Server processes requests received  over the network from the desktop clients, and includes the following components:
Web Listener (Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache)
Java Servlet Engine (OC4J)
Oracle Process Manager (OPMN)
Forms services
Concurrent Processing server
Here you should learn about how  Oracle application server is being used (Apache setup and processes)

3. Database Tier : Certified database serving Oracle applications . You must consider to learn about the Oracle applications users (Sysadmin,GUEST) and Oracle database users (apps,applsys,applsyspub)

4.  The aim of this section is that you should be familiar with the oracle application architecture and  3 tier architecture. If you read more and more about Architecture you will be familiar with the Oracle applications Architecture terminologies. Try to be as much familiar as much you can.

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