Sql tuning useful metalink notes

NOTE:171647.1 - Tracing Oracle Applications using Event 10046
NOTE:21154.1 - EVENT: 10046 "enable SQL statement tracing (including binds/waits)"
NOTE:214106.1 - Using TKProf to compare actual and predicted row counts
NOTE:225598.1 - How to Obtain Tracing of Optimizer Computations (EVENT 10053)
NOTE:242374.1 - Tracing PX session with a 10046 event or sql_trace
NOTE:258418.1 - Getting 10046 Trace for Export and Import
NOTE:32951.1 - TKProf Interpretation (9i and below)
NOTE:398838.1 - FAQ: Query Tuning Frequently Asked Questions
NOTE:41634.1 - TKProf Basic Overview
NOTE:75713.1 - Important Customer information about using Numeric Events
NOTE:760786.1 - TKProf Interpretation (9i and above)
Recommended Method for Obtaining 10046 trace for Tuning [ID 376442.1]

Best is FAQ: Query Tuning Frequently Asked Questions [ID 398838.1]


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