Oracle + Excel solutions.

While i was working on some problems related to data transfer from Excel to Oracle, I found a very interesting tool on internet.
Excel-DB is the oldest and most respected software tool for database enabling your spreadsheets.

Following features are available.....I found this very interesting and nice tool.
Excel-DB for Oracle
Excel-DB and Oracle
Transferring Excel data to Oracle
Excel-DB and Oracle BI
Excel-DB Oracle BI Software
Excel-DB vs. traditional Oracle BI tools
Oracle Downloading into Excel made easy
Using Excel-DB with ODBC
Creating spreadsheet data form Oracle
Upload spreadsheet data into Oracle
Use Excel-DB to save spreadsheet data into Oracle
Converting Oracle Data into Excel spreadsheets
Oracle data extraction to Excel
Oracle data migration to Excel
Oracle data transfer Excel
Oracle OLAP software
Oracle OLAP tool
Oracle Excel interface
Oracle Excel spreadsheet interface
Spreadsheet for Oracle
Excel database data
Oracle spreadsheets
Spreadsheet from Oracle
Excel spreadsheets from MySQL data
SQL Server to Excel

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