trace os process

Tracing executables has helped me a lot in the past in some difficult scenarios. Tracing is really helpful. This is interesting to read this.

The following platforms support a trace utility that can be used to
identify what a process is doing:

O/S Version Trace Utility
Sun Solaris 2.x, truss, e.g.:
Unixware 7.0
$ truss -aefo

HP/UX 11 tusc, e.g.:
@ (Download via: )

$ tusc -afpo

IBM AIX 4.x trace, e.g.:
Log on as root.
# trace -a -L 4000000 -T 2000000 -o ./trace.out;
# owsctl start admin
# trcstop
# trcrpt -O exec=on,pid=on trace.out > trcrpt.1

Or if present

sctrace, e.g.:
$ sctrace -Amo
$ prpt -p

Note: 'sctrace' has been discontinued by Veritas
Corporation Inc. (formerly The Kernel
Group Inc)
as off Jan. 8, 2002.

Linux strace, ktrace/kdump, ltrace e.g.:

$ strace -fo

SGI IRIX 6.x par, e.g.:

$ par -siSSo

Compaq Tru64 Unix trace, e.g.:
@ (Download via )

$ trace -fo

Sequent Dynix/PTX truss, e.g.:

$ truss -aefo

Data General DG/UX dg_trace, e.g.:
$ dg_strace -fxto [] [-p

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