make -f install fails

I am trying to apply the developer patch 6194129
As a post patch step, I am trying to relink the forms executables using make

make -f install : trying to fix this.......

ld: 0711-773 WARNING: Object /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/lib//libuimotif60.a[uirf.o], imported symbol xmTextFieldWidgetClass
Symbol was expected to be local. Extra instructions
are being generated to reference the symbol.
make: 1254-053 Command "$(GENERICMSG)" expands to empty string.

ld -brtl -o f60cgi -L/u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/lib/ -L/u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/forms60/lib/ /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/forms60/lib/izcgi.o /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/forms60/lib/izc.o /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/forms60/lib/izs0main.o -ld2la60 -lcore4 -lld -lm `cat /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/lib/sysliblist` -lm ;
mv f60srvm /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/bin/
mv f60webm /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/bin/
mv f60cgi /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/bin/
chmod 755 /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/bin/f60srvm
chmod 755 /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/bin/f60webm
chmod 755 /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/bin/f60cgi
chmod 755 /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/tools/web60/cgi/f60cgi
mkdir -p /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/tools/web60/cgi
cp -p /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/bin//f60cgi /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/tools/web60/cgi
rm -f /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/lib/
ar x /u01/app/oradba01/product/dba01db/8.0.6/lib/libifjapi60.a context.o create.o destroy.o formsapi.o iauasst.o iauexcep.o ifjapi.o objlib.o persistc.o
/bin/sh: not found

make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 1.


Issue is fixed by this:

ncargs is set to a very low value at OS. It should be around 128. ncargs system attribute must be set to a high value. The ncargs attribute controls the maximum command line length, including environment variables, on AIX nodes.

$ lsattr -EH -l sys0 |grep ncargs

ncargs 6 ARG/ENV list size in 4K byte blocks True

Run the following command to increase ncargs system attribute
/usr/sbin/chdev -l sys0 -a ncargs=128
You should get something like this:
ncargs 128 ARG/ENV list size in 4K byte blocks True

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