Top 10 infrastructure failures of Oracle database and Oracle Applications

Database not accessible
"Please check the database alert log in $ORACLE_HOME/admin/bdump.
This may be because of so may reasons." Possible solution is to check for database error and resolve it.

machine starts swapping
Please check the Memory ,out of physical memory may be issue. Severe performance issue may occur

Additional User Login Rejected
Database reached max processes - Cannot start any new work until processes drop below threshold
You may need to increase the process parameter in init.ora . (Please check your hardware resources)

Database can not be Recovered
No backup , Make sure that you backup your database regulerly.

Backup Mount Point full -
 "If you are taking backup by keeping the tablespace in backup mode , Then your database will be in hung state ,If cold backup Backup script will not complete
and databases will not be started"

ORA -600 Errors
"Invalid configuration file, bugs in Oracle database software : Please contact Oracle support :
This may result in unexpected behaviour of database"

Middletier failure
 This may result in application unavailability

Application directory mount point full
Application may be in hung state.

Hardware failure
May be planned outage or immediate hardware failure

Network Down
Network down

Archive Detination Full:
Make some space in archive directory.

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