Oracle Fusion : Repository Creation Utility

Many of the Oracle Fusion Middleware components require schemas in a database prior to installation (Like SOA, Identity Management etc).
RCU provides the flexibility to create custom schemas and tablespaces. If the tablespace does not exists, The urility will create the tablespaces.

Download location :

In this blog, I have demonstrated "How to run RCU.

I have tested this on a windows env on a test system.

cd /rcuHome/
On UNIX operating systems:
On Windows operating systems:

First you will get the welcome screen for RCU

Repository Creation Utility 1

Here you get option if you want to create or drop any existing schema.

You need to provide the database details here.

Please refer to Oracle Documentation for Character set information needed.

Pre-req cheques, open_cursors required=350 and Processes required =500 in Database init.ora

You are only allowed to use a prefix once per shchema within one database

Here you can specify the schema passwors

Tablespace will be created automatically.

Summary Screen

Once you click create, It will start creating the schemas.

Here is the Summary page and log files details. rcuHOME/rcu/log/ is the log file directory.

For more information: Please check the Official documentation from Oracle.
Oracle® Fusion Middleware Repository Creation Utility User's Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
Part Number E14259-03

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