How to check help.

Autoconfig :

If you want to check help for autoconfig. and you try to do help=y , It will ask for the context file and apps password and will not provide you the options. internally calls you can get help from

[appsuser@panchal bin]$ help=y
Invalid argument "help=y"
Usage: [help] contextfile=

Valid arguments for
help : get usage information
contextfile : provide Applications context file name
driver : Autoconfig driver file to execute
product : lowercase product shortname to configure
java : specify an explicit location for the JDK install
test : run AutoConfig in test mode to find diffs
noprompt : AutoConfig will not prompt for some specific
parameters at run time
nocustom : AutoConfig won't preserve customizations
noversionchecks : AutoConfig won't take care of the version mismatch
between development maintained templates and custom
log : write log messages to a specific file
run : Phase upto which scripts should be executed
Allowed values for run:
[appsuser@panchal bin]$

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