Flash Cache 11g new feature

A transparent extension of the database buffer cache using solid-state disk (SSD) technology

Consider adding the flash cache when all of the following are true:

Your database is running on the Solaris or Oracle Enterprise Linux operating systems. The flash cache is supported on these operating systems only.

The Buffer Pool Advisory section of your Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) report or STATSPACK report indicates that doubling the size of the buffer cache would be beneficial.

db file sequential read is a top wait event.

You have spare CPU.

How it works :

Flash Cache in an Oracle Real Applications Clusters Environment
You must configure a flash cache on either all or none of the instances in an Oracle Real Application Clusters environment.

Install Flash Drive in the Host Server
Set two init.ora parameters:
db_flash_cache_file =
Specifies the path to the flash disk
Specifies the amount of flash disk to use

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