Apps dba checklist for handover / takeover

I was in process of taking charge of Oracle applications DBA for a new SITE. I thought its a good idea to summarize here on my blog.

1. First thing you should know the passwords for following users

OS passwords:

root (If possible and security team allows )
oracle user (Like oracle,oracle12,orauser) - Owner of oracle database files.
appl user (Like applmgr , appluser,applusr )- Owner of Oracle Application files. (Including iAS + 8.0.6 homes)

DB Passwords

sys/system/sysman/apps users : Security policy says that we must change the password whenever there is change in the DBA team. (Specially if someone if leaving the DBA team)

2. If you have passwors you can login and can check the status of all the instances.

All you need is:

1. Instance details (Dev,Test,UAT ,PROD)
2. Cloning procedure (Non standard tasks like 3rd party integrations and custom steps, e.g you need to update profiles if you have 170 integrated with Oracle applications)

3. Patch strategy : Need to know the maintainance window , Release timeslines (If quarterly,monthly). DST ,Localizations. If HRMS is installed you need to know about data install OTL etc

4. Customization Retrofits : If any customizations to standard oracle objects . As we may need to restore the customizations after the patching/cloning is done.

5. Reguler Maintainance.

6. Users setup , Should make sure the proper approval process if you are also part of System Administrator Tasks (Like USER creation etc).

7. List of 3rd party softwares integrated with Oracle applications. 3rd party product customizations.

8. Important contact informations.
UNIX team
Distribution list for Outage Notifications
Oracle support SDMs.
Network Team.
Infrastructure Team.

9. You should know the Oracle CSI to be used for SR creation (Metalink Login)

10. Try to get the Hardware information as much as you can including storage.

This is not a universal document , But a basic document for APPS DBA handoevr takeover document. This may vary in different cases.

Please feel free to write if additional information is required.


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