11g Downgrading a Database

Downgrading a Database You can easily downgrade a database back to the release from which you upgraded it to the Oracle Database 11g release. Here are the steps:

1. Shut down the database and start it up in the downgrade mode.
SQL> startup downgrade
2. Spool the results of the downgrade script.
SQL> spool downgrade.log
3. Execute the downgrade script, called catdwgrd.sql.
SQL> @catdwgrd.sql
4. After the catdwgrd.sql script finished executing, shut down the database
SQL> shutdown immediate5. Start up the database in the upgrade mode, from the pre-upgrade ORACLE_
HOME environment.
SQL> startup upgrade
6. Reload the old PL/SQL packages and data dictionary views.
SQL> @catrelod.sql
7. After the reloading of the old packages and views, shut down the database
and restart it.
SQL> shutdown immediate
SQL> startup
8. Run the utlrp.sql script to recompile any packages, procedures, and types that
became invalid during the downgrading of the database.
SQL> @utlrp.sql
This completes the downgrading process. You can run the utlrp.sql script may times. and you should make sure that you handle all invalid objects.

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